ICED STUFF® is a brand that has been creating high-quality Hip Hop jewelry for years. All products are handmade with exceptional care, precision, and attention to every, even the smallest, detail.

The founder of the brand - Karol Słuszniak, took his first steps in the world of jewelry in 2018. It all started with the desire to create his own pendant design. Seeing the interest of friends in the produced jewelry, Karol decided to create ICED STUFF®. The idea was a bullseye! It turned out that the Polish market lacked such strong, distinct, and specific jewelry. Due to the characteristics of the products, the brand quickly reached the hip-hop community, gaining significant popularity and adoration among many.

Over the past years, ICED STUFF® has made tens of thousands of products for people around the world. The company has behind it many great projects such as: Maty's chain, Chillwagon pendants, GM2L Malik Montana, or Smolasty's star.

The hallmark of ICED STUFF® is the phenomenal sparkle of gold and silver, vast amounts of shimmering stones, and unique jewelry designs.

The main goals of the brand are:

  • to provide the highest level of customer service, from personalized advice to efficient and fast order fulfillment,
  • to offer luxury jewelry to a wider audience, combining high quality with affordable prices,
  • to build a trend for complementing styling with Hip Hop jewelry,
  • to expand brand recognition worldwide and maintain the position of a leader in the hip-hop jewelry category in Poland,
  • to create innovative, unique jewelry designs that set new trends and meet the dynamic preferences of customers.

We continuously search for new, interesting, and unique designs because what pleases us most is the satisfaction of a customer who proudly wears ICED STUFF® jewelry.

Our headquarters is located in the center of Warsaw at Smolna Street 13/62.

If you have an idea for a custom piece or have any questions, please contact us at: